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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"I spy with my little eye" - Observational Image

Here we will be learning to 'see' and react when we see that shot. This produces some fun images, and you'll kick yourself when you 'see' the moment, but miss it because you didn't carry your camera!

 Sometimes, it's a simple as seeing something that amuses you, and by taking your photo, you help others see it, too.

 These lost ladies look as if they are being mocked by the couple in the poster behind them, with spoons on their noses!

This model head is looking out of the window, wistfully at the passing lady, wearing a hat she'd like to model.

 Horses and people present endless chances for fun... just wait for the moment when you get a horse/person collision and hit that button!

Just 'seeing' images around our own town, this little girl is
having a conversation with the model in the window.

Prince Albert takes the bus...

Walking balloons

It's boring, living in a shop window.
Mind reading

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