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Sunday, 24 June 2012


EVERY Photo School student will be issued a camera for the duration of the course!

It puts us all on the same page as we discover shutters, f.stops and ISOs.

They are fabulous bits of kit that will offer you the chance to creatively stretch what you can do with a camera. You'll learn how fly the camera manually to achieve exactly the look you want.

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Lightpainting fun!

First experiments to test a new camera that we're looking to use with Photo School.  What d'ya think?

Friday, 15 June 2012

Timelapse teaser

A selection of sea-themed timelapse shots made with the DIY timelapse rig that you can build on the Photo School courses.  Bag your space today!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Face melting… and other fun stuff…

Thanks to the ingenious majination of Marcel Lenormand, a sparkly, spinny light-changing-colour-thingy. You too can make this splendid device, and get pics like these...

"I spy with my little eye" - Observational Image

Here we will be learning to 'see' and react when we see that shot. This produces some fun images, and you'll kick yourself when you 'see' the moment, but miss it because you didn't carry your camera!

 Sometimes, it's a simple as seeing something that amuses you, and by taking your photo, you help others see it, too.

 These lost ladies look as if they are being mocked by the couple in the poster behind them, with spoons on their noses!

This model head is looking out of the window, wistfully at the passing lady, wearing a hat she'd like to model.

 Horses and people present endless chances for fun... just wait for the moment when you get a horse/person collision and hit that button!

Just 'seeing' images around our own town, this little girl is
having a conversation with the model in the window.

Prince Albert takes the bus...

Walking balloons

It's boring, living in a shop window.
Mind reading

Slow shutter speeds

Along with fast shutter speeds, we will also look at slow shutter speeds and learn what 'dragging' the shutter means. None of the images on the blog were created using photoshop, just straight out of camera, and you will be learning to create these effects with just your camera at Photo School.
 People standing, some waiting for a ride on the huge big wheel, and others passing the time; kissing!
This is a mix of 'Observational' waiting for the moment, and then using a slow shutter speed to blur the wheel, but keep the people sharp.
 Panning, and slow shutter speed captured the little girls enjoyment on the ride while blurring everything else around her, to give the impression of speed.

Painting with light

One of our days we will be exploring the great fun that 'painting with light' is! This is hoot, playing in the dark, and having no idea what will work, and the fun of seeing how well your idea came out when you look in the back of the camera!

A few examples, with one especially made for Photo School.

First up: using fast shutter speeds

Here are some of the uses of the camera we will be exploring, first up, fast shutter speeds, that stuff that 'freezes' the action you see in football game, traffic, and in this case, lots of flying birds just to show you various stages of wing movement. (Let's go chase some gulls!)